Team Nest Builder Sponsored Community Garage Sales




TWO Team Nest Builder-sponsored community garage sales are taking place Saturday, September 21st from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., rain or shine.  Join the fun, get rid of stuff, and make money!


How it Works


Prior to the event, Team Nest Builder will employ a local public relations effort including the Sparta Independent, New Jersey Herald, NextDoor, Parkbench, TapInto Sparta/Newton, and more to build lots of interest and excitement. 


  1. On the day before the event, Team Nest Builder places street directional signs throughout the community and leaves a garage sale yard sign in your yard, typically laying next to your mailbox.  We’ll also bring a goody bag containing item pricing stickers, treats and tips. If you’re not around when we stop by, we’ll leave the goody bag on your door or in your mailbox.

  2. On the morning of the event, when you’re ready to start accepting garage sale visitors, place your garage sale yard sign in a location highly visible from the street.  (NOTE: Our advertising discourages “early birds” from arriving before 9am, but our previous experience is that some will show up anyway.)

  3. During the sale, snap shots of items and yourselves and post with your home address on Instagram using #TNBGarageSale.com to bring more buyers to your sale.

  4. At the completion of the garage sale, please remove your yard sale sign from your yard and return it to the place on your property at which Team Nest Builder originally left it.  We will stop by before the end of the day to gather them.


NOTE:  Interested in donating unsold items to local charities? Contact Valerie Macchio at valerie@cornerstonemkt.com.  Valerie lives in Sparta and works with a wide variety of local charities to organize pick-up of furniture, clothing, baby items and more. Or donate to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which offers pick-up of large items including furniture, appliances, and building materials. Schedule your pick-up at www.morrisrestore.org



Be sure to visit and “Like” our Team Nest Builder Community Garage Sales Facebook page for updates, information, and to post about items you’ll be selling. https://www.facebook.com/spartacommunitygaragesales/ Following each sale’s registration deadline, we’ll also post the link to the downloadable/printable participating households map/address list to our Facebook page.  Share our page to your page, and invite friends and neighbors to “Like” our page to spread the word and bring more customers to your sale!



Got questions? Reach out to us at any time via phone to Teresa (646-734-4307) or email (TeamNestBuilder@gmail.com).